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Posted: October 6, 2010 in HandBrake

Currently testing a small makemkv script – this one sits and waits for a BD or DVD to be inserted into a  drive.

At which point it rips it to an MKV file and then encodes to H.264 via handbrake and adds metadata.

ETA is 1 week….

  1. Steve Dibb says:

    I don’t suppose you have anything for Linux that polls the disc drive to see if it’s empty or not? I’ve been trying to find something for that.

  2. videoscripts says:

    I am currently working on a windows and Linux version of a script that will watch the DVD drive – when it finds a DVD it will auto rip and encode.

    Is this what you are looking for?

    If not let me know what you do need and will post it in the coming week.

    • Steve Dibb says:

      Well, even just anything that can watches the drive and see if there’s something there or not. Doesn’t necessarily have to trigger anything.

      • videoscripts says:

        Why don’t you just do this in bash? Check for the existence of a folder:


        Place this in an if -d statement – so if this folder exists it means a video DVD is inserted and mounted , then use the condition to do what action you need.

        Add this to a cron job every N minutes and there you have it. Maybe a little clunky but works well.

        If you need a worked up example, just ask.

        Note – this is on ubuntu, directories may change between distros.

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