Autorip – watch your DVD drive then automatically rip, encode and tag

Posted: November 30, 2010 in HandBrake, MakeMKV, Windows

I have just uploaded a new script : Autorip

What it does:

run it, it sits in your system tray and watches your DVD drive.
Once a DVD or Br has been inserted , it rips it , ejects disc then encodes it to your Handbrake preset, then gets cover art from amazon and adds itunes ready metadata.
CD’s are ignored and not ripped.

makemkv installed for ripping –
handbrake installed

Does not need anydvd etc.

Setting up:
First time you run it it will ask you to set settings: HB profile, drive to watch, encoded files path.
You can also set it to grab the title from the volume label, or from a small pop up dialog.
If you need to change settings, right click icon and pick settings…

This is a BETA and I would really really appreciate feedback, good or bad or change requests.
Known issues on this version: it creates a temporary mkv file, does not delete it – you can manually delete this , its for debugging. Rips and converts main title only. Metadata limited to movie title, and cover art. These things will all change pending feedback.

Direct link:


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