Make MKV All released

Posted: December 7, 2010 in MakeMKV, Windows

I have been asked a few times to release something like this so here it is…

makeMKV_all is a script with a small UI that will allow you to point it to a root folder containing ISO’s and Video_TS rips.

It will process each rip you have, and create all files on that disc as MKV files – lossless, and with all subtitles and audio tracks.

it creates a folder based on the movie name , in that you will find a MKV file for each piece of footage on the rip . The main movie will be called movietitle.mkv, all others will be movietitle_title01.mkv etc.

You can either use the files for direct playback or batch encode them with my handbrake Ui.

To use:

You must have makemkv installed – – this product is currently free while in beta, but you need to register with a key from the makemkv forums.
Download my script and save it into the makemkv program directory
Run it and choose your source and destination folders – you can also set it to delete source files , or select which files to make as mkvs by setting min length box.

Download it here

Freeware as usual, coffee donations gratefully received..:)

  1. Great site! Anyway I can get the source to this frontend?
    I’d like to tweak it for fun.

  2. chad says:

    How about a version that converts blurays?

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