A couple of suggested presets

Posted: December 11, 2010 in HandBrake

I got a trackback to this blog and had a quick read at the originator – its a blog with some nice suggested presets for a few popular iOS devices.

I tried them out with some great results.

Check out the post: http://www.wingenter.de/archives/62

In the UI – copy them into the editable window and click save as custom query . At the moment, the Ui supports only saving one query but I am working on it now to save multiple queries….watch this space.

  1. I’m sorry that my post was in German… I found these presets in this blog post http://lifehacker.com/5572037/handbrake-presets-for-your-new-ipad-or-iphone-4
    You can download the presets for regular use in HandBrake there!

  2. joe says:

    he still uses avg bitrate what is so last millenium 😉
    I use RF:25 for all my encodings and RF:21.5 for you tube uploads.
    -f mp4 –loose-anamorphic -e x264 -q 25 -a 1 -E faac -6 dpl2 -R Auto -B 128 -D 0.0 -m -x b-adapt=2:rc-lookahead=50 –verbose=1

    If I have a file with lot´s of eye candy I use the high profile setting just to be on the safe side with RF:25

    results in smaller files, better quality, no problem with high motion scenes, faster and recommended by the HandBrake team (the RF setting)
    I did some excessive tests about HandBrake settings and the resulting quality, it is all to read here: http://viconco.blogspot.com/

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