Handbrake watch folder updated

Posted: December 14, 2010 in HandBrake, Windows

just uploaded the latest version of the HB watch folder – this adds an enode wait timer for each new file it sees. useful if you are ripping a DVD and watchfolder was starting to encode before the rip was complete. Just set up the wait time in minutes on the UI or leave it at 0 to encode instantly.

Fixed a couple small issues so you no longer need a restart for settings to take effect.


  1. Jacob says:

    3 things:

    1) How come some of the VIDEO_TS folders don’t get converted, but others do? I have tried this with about 10 different folders that i have tried and only about 4 of them actually produce output. When i do it manually through handbrake they work fine.

    2) I like the way that the newest version gets rid of the command window that was popping up, but would there be a way to embed that current frame rate in the progress bar?

    3) Is there a way to set it up so that it will check and see if a folder/file has already been converted and skip over it? I would like to convert all of my movies, but there are 330+ in my folder and i can’t do it all in one shot…

  2. videoscripts says:

    1) its not possible for HB UI to miss the folders, if you are sure HB can encode them standalone. The onyl way HB UI will ‘miss’ a folder is if it was already ran on the collection – it will have placed a small file ‘finished.txt’ beside the video_ts folder so it knows not to encode again. Any more detail you can give might help, but this one should not occur.

    2) yes, per a recent post, this is on the short term to do list.Its getting av fps and ETA time

    3) Yes, this can be done but it is not in planning right now . its likely to be put on hold for a while unless its a specific request…..

  3. Jacob says:

    I like the new update, how come now when i try and convert movies, i am getting seperate titles? Is there a setting to change it back so that it all becomes one movie? Did i miss something or maybe never encountered it before?

    • videoscripts says:

      Uncheck the box for ‘convert all titles’. This reverts it to the way it used to work and rips main feature only. Checking the box rips all features on discs to separate files.

  4. Jacob says:

    I no longer see the finished.txt file, what is the indicator to tell if the file has been encoded already?

    • videoscripts says:

      It has been removed as its only use was to prevent he same folder from being re ripped – superseded by the latest code. Did you use it for anything ? I can add it back with little effort.

      • Daniel says:

        Can it be used on VIDEO_TS folders?

        I get .ISO to work (but the copy process would go a little faster if I can skip the conversion to ISO).

        I get error:
        Found new file POLAR_EXPRESS_DISC_1\VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_1.VOB
        Not a valid file type.

        And just to point out, the HandBrakeCLI.exe must exist in the “Videoscripts” folder, as It not have in the HB Batch Encoder 🙂

      • videoscripts says:

        Daniel – support now added for Video_TS folders. It will also look for the exe in the HB program folder if it does not exist in the watch program folder.

  5. videoscripts says:

    Daniel – video ts folders are not yet supported in watch folder. This will be aded in the coming month unless demand forces it higher up the priority list.

  6. otiasj says:

    Thank you for this great app,
    For ISO, Is there a way to specify the default language and default subtitles languages?
    Thank you!

    • videoscripts says:

      There is no provision for that in the GUI as yet. The best thing to do is create a custom query in handbrake and specify your defaults , then paste that into the query box on watch to use it. That will do the trick.

      • otiasj says:

        Ok great,
        I asked because the setting is in Handbrake GUI but could not find it in watch folder

        I think one of this should work :
        –native-language and/or –native-dub

        I will report when I find something that works 🙂

  7. otiasj says:

    It seems that –native-language and –native-dub works,
    but now I have a problem with the audio tracks,
    handbrakeCli does not allow to set –audio “all” or something equivalent

    with watchfolder only the first track is decoded, which is troublesome if english is the 2nd track.
    The best solution until it is fixed on handbrake side would that watchfolder would allow to set some UI options like decode “all tracks”
    the script here seems to do that : https://forum.handbrake.fr/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=21657
    it would be cool if it could be added to watchfolder 🙂

    • videoscripts says:

      Ok, will take a look. I have had little time recently to make changes but have promised to look at both watch and batch this week. The checks done in that script you link to we already do for some other items so it should be reasonably painless…

  8. It would be nice if WatchFolder went into subfolders of the watched folder to check for videos too.

  9. Tom says:

    I have set the encode wait timer to 0, but i still seems to take about 30 – 60 seconds before the coding starts (after a file hits that dir). It also waits about the same amount of time between encoding of multiple files. Why is that?

    • videoscripts says:

      I always waits 69 seconds from when the file is detected. Tis was coded to allow for any file me operations that may he occurring when the file is first detected. There is then always a 60 second gap between each new file for the same reason. The timer in the ui adds to this.

  10. Cory MacSween says:

    Am I missing something? If watch folder is already encodeing and I add more files it seems to ignore them. I add files on a daily basis and most of the time it isn’t finished the batch from the last day. Is there no way to make it add to the queue as the files are added?

    • videoscripts says:

      It does this. Add as many files as you like to the watch folder. As long as its running it will pick them up and process them in order of which they are added. I use it every day like this. It it is not running, it will not pick up the files next time you start it.

  11. tylersteiner says:

    Hey mate, how was that coffee I got ya?

    I was wondering if you could add a 45 minute and 1 hour wait time to Watchfolder. This is because I download to my watched folder, and I don’t want Watchfolder trying to convert something that is still downloading. A lot of the larger downloads aren’t done within the current 30 minute wait period. Any other idea how I could I possibly fix this? Thanks!

  12. tylersteiner says:

    Hi mate, thanks for a great program.

    Would you be able to add 45-minute and 1-hour wait periods? The reason is that I download directly to my watched folder, and some files take longer than 30 minutes. Watchfolder obviously can’t convert something that is still downloading. Any other suggestions to fix this?

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