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Posted: December 15, 2010 in FFMPEG, HandBrake, Linux, MakeMKV, Windows

Iam working on a few things right now , but would welcome suggestions for anything users may need – the next step is to get some linux bash scripts uploaded and then move on to Mac versions of the UI.

So, suggestions for anything Linux, Mac, makeMKV or even FFMPEG much welcome and it they make sense will be added to the to-do list.

Current open to do for Windows:

1. HB batch UI – add ability to embed SRT subs, add multiple query saves, provide more feedback in terms of mins and secs on the running encodes, add additional metadata.

2. A no brainer Iphone/Ipad batch encoder – for the noobs out there , a stripped down version of HB UI , just start and forget, no settings available.

3. better support for Video_TS in WatchFolder


  1. Daniel says:

    Some ideas for Handbrake BatchEncoder

    * Version Number (in the about dialog?)
    Maybe can help when someone have some sort of problem to see if they use latest?

    * Option to MOVE Source files to a folder after conversion.
    As an option to delete, if you first want to check so they was converted ok.
    Useful if converting a lot of files, and you stop the script before they all are finished,
    then you can just start over.

    * Read files query files from the installation path, like “query_*.txt” that will show up in the query drop-box?

    A question: Can I specify the path to the “HandBrakeCLI.exe” somewhere in the setup file? un_hbbatchencoderuisetup_20219.txt ?

    • videoscripts says:


      I will add a version number now…don’t know how I missed that!

      Move – will look at. The latest version though now let’s you check for pre encoded files so you could run it. Stop it. Check the files and then rerun and it will not encode them again.

      Working on new query stuff this week.

      You Can’t set the location of hb.exe. It looks for it in program folder , then hb folder then hbx64 folder. What is the use case for being able to set it?

      • Daniel says:

        Maybe move is not so needed after all.

        I was thinking that maybe you can just read in textfiles that are named like this:
        then user can share easy.

        Was after the HandBrakeCLI location because I use the nightlies versions that I install in the default Handbrake folder. Also running it on more than one computer so it was so many locations to copy the CLI file to, at every update, and then recopy when HB Batch UI got updated. So it was hard to know which version I had installed on every place. But if the HB Batch UI find it in the Handbrake folder I can just delete it under the Videoscripts folder and I feel fine 🙂

  2. videoscripts says:

    Good concept on the queries. I am working on this now and will have it done and uploaded tomorrow……….

  3. Elxiliath says:

    Your scripts look almost exactley like what I need. I’ve been searching for countless days for something that will automaticly rip a DVD or Blu-Ray and convert them for my HTPC. What I really am hoping for is something almost exactley like what you have, except as an add-on for XBMC, that lets me select if it’s a TV show DVD/Blu-Ray or a Movie DVD/Blu-ray so it knows what files to rip, where to put them based on the selection and how to name the output files. I’d donate at least $50 for something like that.

  4. James says:

    Record lots of shows of MCE Windows 7. I have been searching night and day for a great user program that can convert .wtv to a nice mp4 for the new generations Itouch/Phone 4G. I see that Hand Brake can handle the Dvr-ms. Any way you can add a pre-process for the .wtv to a dvr-ms conversion on Win 7 so that Hand Brake can recode it?

    Also maybe an add to Itunes under the select category, i.e Movies, TV Shows etc etc.

    This great though I can’t wait to go home and install it and try it out. Thanks for your many hours of dedication!

  5. Tuhatom says:

    yayz for Linux support!! No need for fancy UI’s, just the goods =)

    I haven’t yet tried any of your scripts, I have been waiting for the linux versions, but REALLY appreciate all the work you have put in – based on everyones feedback, it sounds like you are doing a great job.

  6. David says:

    Nice work!
    Have you thought of writing a script that will plug straight into MythTV as a User Job for encoding recordings?

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