Handbrake batchencoder adds subtitles

Posted: December 31, 2010 in HandBrake, Windows

HB BatchEncoder has been updated and is ready for download:

V 2.0.4

1. Adds batch subtitles from srt files – if the srt files are named the same as the filename of the video file, check the box to add subtitles and choose language, subtitles will be added to the encoded file. srt file must be in the same directory as the video file.

note: not implemented is sub offset , and default char set is UTF-8 – please feedback if you feel these need added/changed.

2. Support for single vob files as input. If a vob file is found NOT in a Video_Ts folder it will be treated as a normal file and encoded. Video_Ts support remains.

Download from usual links

Happy new year!


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