Autorip Updated

Posted: November 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

Autorip has now been updated with the following changes:

1. Allows you now to set it to rip only (and don’t encode)
2. smart renaming – if it rips main feature, it names it in the usual way. Multiple features get sequential names
3. Improved UI layout, file paths are now readonly to the browse button must be used.
4. Custom query added. If you want to use your own query – save it into the first live of a text file, call the file arcustomquery.txt and save it in the program folder. You may then choose that from the drop down.
5. General bug fixes.
6. Created installer version which adds to your start up items.

Download Installer
Download two needed files as a zip

  1. D says:


    I have MakeMKV installed and it does run OK

    when launching Autorip – I get an error saying MAKEMKV is not installed

    I have Win7 Home Premium (32 bit) – please advise?

  2. Gavin says:

    i have the same thing as D

  3. Peter says:

    Thanks for this great programm! I have one question: Is it possible to support more than one DVD-drive?

  4. Jake says:

    Any way to a specify a different temp directory from the final destination using autorip? (Even when using Rip Only…)

    • videoscripts says:

      Nope. But will add it to the todo list, makes sense to add it.

    • videoscripts says:

      Nope, but will add to the list to do.

      • Jake says:

        Thanks, these programs have sure saved me time. My idea is to rip my dvds as “rip only” and queue them for transcoding using watchfolder (rather then wait for transcoding before ripping the next disc). Watchfolder doesn’t seem to play well with the temp rip though (even with the wait before ripping option).

        Any better ideas for doing this? Otherwise, manually starting BatchEncoder works great for now! Thanks again.

  5. Geir says:

    Hi, i ha two instances of auto rip running to get around the single drive issue. Alas it failed when one of the drives finished ripping the other one aborted? Any thoughts?

    • Jake says:

      Hmm, this is working for me – I made a complete copy of the Autorip program directory for the second instance. Also had to set the output directory of the second instance different from the first, as the temp file is named the same thing before the renaming…

      • Geir says:

        Hi Jake…
        It still does this for me, currently I’ve also added makemkv to both of the two separated directories and specify these instances of makemkv for each instance of autorip, but to no avail. When the first drive finishes the second one gets aborted, don’t know if its due to the eject sequence or something else…

      • videoscripts says:

        geir – I will try and get a better debug version posted in the next number of days -that way I can see what exactly is going wrong with your setup or the script.

  6. Jake says:

    I’m sure you already did this, but did you specified two different output directories for each instance? The only other thing I may be doing different is a rip only (never tested using encoding, but I don’t see this would affect things…). Probably a problem not related to the autorip script (can you manually rip 2 discs?) Sorry I couldn’t be more help:-/

    • Geir says:

      Hi again Jake, thanks for the feedback.
      I have to use two separate output directories as makemkvcon fails on file generation if I use the same one. I can easily have multiple instances of makemkv/makemkvcon ripping mainly as this isn’t all that cpu intensive, and I don’t really encode. I’m trying to get the workflow autonomous as this is on a headless machine, so the ideal situation would be wake it over lan, pop a couple off dvd/blu-rays in – wait – remove dvd/blu-ray, let the ripper go back to sleep.
      @videoscripts : would it also be possible to specify 32bit / 64bit makemkvcon to use, it seems to pick the 32bit by default.

      • videoscripts says:

        I am going to run some tests at the weekend on multiple drive instances. You should be able to specify the make64 exe on the browse dialog – no?

    • videoscripts says:

      FYI, a rip and encode should work just fine – assuming – different target drive, and seperate folders for each instance.

  7. Geir says:

    Hi there it’s me again…
    It’s definitely the eject that breaks the two instance setup. I checked the output from the cli while the two instances was ripping and as soon as the first one finishes, it ejects both drives. Subsequently triggering a drive not ready on the other one and thus the makemkvcon process gets killed and the file deleted… Is there anyway of circumventing this or at least fix it so that it only ejects the finished drive or none of them…

    • videoscripts says:

      sorry, reading the comments and replying oldest to newest! I had a quick look at the code, the eject needs tidied up as its not repolling the correct drive letter to eject. Thats an easy fix and will get on to it asap.

      • Geir says:

        Hi videoscript. Another strange thing I noticed, this could be localized to my machine only though. When I got both instances off autorip running and only insert one DVD the makemkv gets called but subsequently gets aborted within seconds. On two DVD’s Makemkvcon gets triggered but fails on previously mentioned eject. I’m gonna try specifying Makemkvcon 64bit when I get home… Thanks for the feedback…FYI I sent you some coffee money, if you use them for beer i promise I won’t be offended…

  8. Geir says:

    Hi there… again…
    Done a bit of fault finding. I checked the 64bit business, and as far as i can tell you can only select a directory for makemkv. I tried removing the makemkvcon 32bit version from the makemkv dir, but that made autorip fail with makemkv not found. I’ve also noticed that there’s no format check for the disc inserted. So a CD will trigger makemkv, which again fails. What would have been a nice feature would be if you could omit the trigger for CD’s or even better allow for external calls (have it trigger iTunes ripping for instance).
    Br Geir

  9. Richard T says:

    Hi, 1st off.. your tools have ended a long search.. just need some small help

    1. How can i view what is happening, can get the makemkccon to display but when encoding starts how can I see what handbrake is doing ( yes a newb comment!)

    2. How can i get the script to use makemkvcon64?

    3. Am going to experiment on how to get multiple instances working once I get one instance working fine.. have built a ripping/encoding machine ( 3 DVD 1 BR ) so going to go for 4 simultaneous rips and encodes… hopefully my machine can handle it.. i7 8GBram .. plus water cooling

    will by super extra large grande triple shot once it is all working!


    • videoscripts says:

      Ok, maybe not much help but:

      1. handbrake is hidden. you cant get info out in the way i use it. what is it you want to see?

      2. I am changing that currently, as it was set to only use 32 bit, hard coded.

      3. There are a few threads on this somewhere in these depths!

      • Richard T says:


        1. Yep that is what I after. Whilst the idea is to have a fully automated system, just pop a dvd/bluray in the drive and it work, I do want to be able to see status/progress.. occasionally I have issue’s and want dot see when it happens

        2. cool

        3. yep, and once I have one drive working how I want it I will work on having multiple..just seen it talked about a bit so wondering if a possible “feature” in the future?


  10. Matt says:

    Thanks for providing such great tools! I have it working, however the .mkv file I end up with is only around 500mb and is obviously not original dvd quality. I have it setup to rip only and then I’m using your batch handrake script to encode after ripping is complete.

    When I launch MakeMKV manually and rip, it rips one-one dvd quality. What am I missing here?


    • videoscripts says:

      MKV is just a container. So, with makemkv, all it does is put the entire BD/DVD stream in that container – doesn’t touch the file. HB (and thus batch) doesn;t work like that – it rips to mkv as a container, but in that is a compressed file – compressed to the degree that you set up in the profile. hence different size files.

  11. Matt says:

    Nevermind previous post, I’m an idiot!

    A second comment…is there a way to disable the auto-eject of the disc after ripping is complete?

    Thanks again!

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