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This one is really not a batch script as such – but it adds a function to handbrake that I like for quick and easy encodes.

Install the exe and it adds a right click menu to windows. Rick click the source file, click Encode now and it will encode to the handbrake preset of your choice.

Its at the downloads page now.

At last – one central place for a collection of simple to use scripts for batch encoding of all of your video file downloads or rips – videoscripts.

I love media, both audio and video – but one thing that always got to me was no matter where I downloaded it, bought it, or ripped it there was no easy way to ensure that it was in the format I needed for my own viewing pleasure. Now, with AppleTV , the iPhone and iPad, I have a great way to enjoy video where ever I am. Which brings me back to the point of this site – this blog is devoted to making freely available batch encode scripts using the popular CLI tools of HandBrake, MakeMKV and FFMPEG.

Here, I will place links to all manner of batch encoding scripts I have written for Windows and Linux, allowing you lovely people to use them as you need for batch encoding all sorts of formats to avi’s, H.264 and MKV.

There are all simply done – install the application (e.g. Handbrake) and then download the scripts. Windows are simple executables you can run, schedule or autostart. Linux variants are bash scripts, easily edited and added to cron jobs.

In short, from here you will be able to download a small exe or batch script and run it for batch encoding nirvana.

I do this because I love this stuff, so all scripts are free to use or change for personal home use. Buy me a a coffee if you want to say thanks. Post below if you think of any changes. If you want something ‘special’ or want to use my scripts for commercial use then check out the ‘custom work’ or ‘commercial use’  links at the top of the page.

Happy encoding and even happier watching!