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BatchEncoder for Handbrake Updated

Posted: November 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

Its been a long time coming…

BatchEncoder update is now releases, v2.3


1. fixed recursive directory issue when using drag and drop
2. added last file processed to progress window
3. fixed issue with moving files after encoding them
4. Added move original files option
5. Lowered error limit on reporting
6. Add to itunes feature – check this and once encoded files will auto add to your itunes library
7. Updated metadata (album, track, albumname) now required by itunes when moving files to iPad, iPhone etc
8. Add NFO and mymovies metadata to advanced tab – note you must have that metadata already downloaded and in the correct structure for this to work
9. Now correctly pad episode and season to two chars.
10. All browse boxes are now read only to help with errors – no copy and paste of paths, browse only.
11. add command line feature – only to first N files in directory . Use: batchgui.exe autorun N (where N is the number of files you want it to process
12. Add add toitunes logging file in program folder

There are still some to dos on the list: VTS file count, possible error on scannign for title count on video_TS, ability to add suffix to final files, disable progress screen. ETA two weeks.

Download setup here


iTunes metadata batcher updated

Posted: November 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

Small update to iTunes metadata batcher.

1. Added additional metadata entries to enable sorting for TV shows when moved from iTunes to portable devices.

I really this this little program – so if anyone has any suggestions to improve on it or add features, please do let me know.


Autorip Updated

Posted: November 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

Autorip has now been updated with the following changes:

1. Allows you now to set it to rip only (and don’t encode)
2. smart renaming – if it rips main feature, it names it in the usual way. Multiple features get sequential names
3. Improved UI layout, file paths are now readonly to the browse button must be used.
4. Custom query added. If you want to use your own query – save it into the first live of a text file, call the file arcustomquery.txt and save it in the program folder. You may then choose that from the drop down.
5. General bug fixes.
6. Created installer version which adds to your start up items.

Download Installer
Download two needed files as a zip

The updates have at long last started!

WatchFolder for HandBrake has been updated and improved and is now ready for download.

V 2.2.0

1. now adds to itunes when the encode is done – toggle on and off – updates your iTunes library
2. Fixed issue with moving files at end of encode process
3. Season and episode numbers now padded properly for consistency
4. metadata now written to album, albumartist, track fields for video files, so they are better categorised when added to a portable device
5. Added saveable custom queries
6. Added mts support
7. browse boxes are now readonly – problems had occurred when users copy and pasted file paths in there and then wondered why the issues.
8. general stability and bug fixes

Download Link

WatchFolder for iTunes

Posted: November 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

Ok, so the new updates and utilities and changes will start to roll out , hopefully every day next week with a number of changes.

Here is a new utility: Watch folder for iTunes.

What it does – sits and runs in system tray. When a new file is added to any of the two watch folders , it will auto add those files to iTunes. You can set it to watch for video, audio or both.

Installer adds a start up entry so it will start on any reboot etc.

This is a precursor to adding this facility into all of the encoding tools, and any feedback is appreciated.

Note: this shouldn’t be used with any of the batch or other watch programs yet, in that this will add files if they are in the same directory as soon as the encode starts, which is before metadata is added. Currently the best way to use this : run your batch encoder, watch folder and either have them set to move the files at the end of encode, or move them to the final destination yourself. watch for itunes will find them and add them. hence this app will be useful for some and not others depending on how you work.

Note 2: Obv is only adds stuff when it is running. It doesn;t go back and check if stuff was added when it was not running!

Download: Watchfoldersetup.exe


Posted: February 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

So, i am just reorganising the downloads sections and adding some linux bash scripts. So here’s my thing – any particular user needs in bash?

I am also posting some silly little windows exes – things like restart of itunes to resync AppleTV, that sort of thing.


Added a twitter feed

Posted: January 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

Videoscripts posts will now be added live to our twitter web page –

Every post added so should be easier to keep up to date with updates and stuff.