Custom work

The aim of this site is to provide as many good quality encoding scripts as possible to meet most peoples needs.

If you have an idea for a change to any script, post below. I’ll be more than happy to accomodate it where possible.

if you need something very specific for your needs, then email me at customvideoscripts at gmail dot com. I’ll take a look at it and likely suggest you buy me a coffee or two in return!

Equally, if you have developed your own windows scripts , exes, bat files or Linux bash scripts and needs a little help, post here and I will do what I can.

  1. Jayson says:

    Hey! I love your stuff. I’m having trouble with one of the scripts, however. The scheduled avi encoder with metadata does not seem to work. The download url sends me to a zipped drive with an .ahk file. I can’t quite seem to get this thing to work.

    btw, I donated $10 us via paypal. the paypal address was franklincatholic


    • videoscripts says:

      hi Jayson

      My bad – I had made a mistake in the upload. This is now fixed so just re download from the same link and all should be well. I am currently working on some new metadata code for this script so it can figure out if its tagging a movie or tv show plus a few other checks. Should have this on line tomorrow ish.

      Thanks for the coffee – much appreciated!

  2. Jayson says:

    Thanks for the fix. That script doesn’t do exactly what I want. I would prefer to be able to check and encode at a certain time at night. For example, check folder C:\Users\Franklin\Videos\TV Shows @ 2:00am every night and encode while I’m sleeping.

    Also, does it check subfolders? I’m not exactly sure how to get utorrent set up to put different shows in the right folders in order for the episode matching to work.

  3. videoscripts says:

    No problem.

    1. The ‘scheduled’ part os not really part of the script – its dedsigned to be run in a scheduled way, but you need to do this with windows task manager – just add a task and its frequency and time and it will run automatically . I have mine set to run at 1am every saturday, which then encodes every new epsiode in the folder from that week.

    I designed it to be run once weekly, so it looks for only the files added in the last 7 days and encodes them. if you need a change, I can change that variable to 1 , so it would only encode the files added to the directory within the last day. let me know on that.

    Re metadata – don;t worry about having them in their own folders. the latest release figures out their titles and episode/season numbers from the file name. Just ensure you use the latest version.

    • Jayson Franklin says:

      I think I can figure out how to get it to run via windows taskmanager. It would be helpful if it could check for files added within the previous 24 hours. I’m gonna download the new version and get it up and running.

      Right now I’ve been using the watchfolder script and its been working well, but the encoding will often happen when I’m at the computer which obviously makes the computer sluggish. I’d prefer it to run at night, check for new files, add metadata, etc.

      Then I’m golden!



  4. videoscripts says:

    oh, and yes, it checks all subfolders.

  5. videoscripts says:


    I have updated the file now so you can specify the number of days

    redownload it. You’ll see a small file ‘days.txt’ open this in notepad and change the number 7 to the days old of your choice – e.g. 1 for all files within the last 24 hours. save it and run the exe

  6. Jayson says:

    You’re gonna kill me, but after using the scheduled encoder, I feel like I need to switch back to the watchfolder_nometadata.exe script. It fits my encoding needs a little better (sometimes I like to watch tv shows the night they come out, I don’t have to wait). Is it possible to get two things added to that script?

    1. Option to delete the source file
    2. Metadata

    I’m going to give another donation!

  7. Yen says:


    Love your stuff! Use batch encoder many times a week and it’s great.

    Recently got into the blue-ray game and stumbled across your mt2s batch encoder to mp4, which does exactly what I need. Is there a way to skip having to click “Ok” every time the file changes? This one BR I have has 42 separate files…


  8. David says:

    Hello i am using the Batchencoder for handbrake, however i have a saved a custom presets on Handbrake and when i go to Batchencoder and choose preset i cannot see my preset as a selection, how can i select or use a saved Handbrake preset? Is there no way to import a saved (plist) preset into Batchencoder?

    My second question: When converting multiple MKV file with subtitles with batchencoder, how do i set the Batchencoder to aumatically burn in the subtitles when the mkv files are converted? I realised the batchencoder was not adding the subtitles when the videos were converted

    • videoscripts says:

      Hi – when you first post to this site , it needs to be approved before it appears – just an effort to stop spam. From then on any post you make is there immediatley.

      1. You cannot import plist files into Batchencoder. You’ll need to load them into HB , click ‘generate query’ and copy and paste that text into the box in batch encoder and then save it. If you wish, i can do this for you and send you the queries, just send an email to with all the plist files.

      2. Burn in subs – again, batchencoder only acts on the quert from Hb – so you will need to generate a query for burned in subs. then copy it to batch encoder

  9. David says:

    Videoscript i just donated 5GBP due to the fact your batchencoder is really useful , will donate 5GBP more if you could help with my issue

  10. David says:

    Wish i could edit my post…. Videoscript i forgot to add i am converting the mkv files into mp4, if you add those additional options i mentioned on my previous post within batchencoder that would be really helpful and would appreciate it.

  11. David says:

    Thank you your suggestions it worked, just donated.
    I was asking if you could implement those 2 functions :
    *Add a option to use import preset from handbrake (plist)
    *Add a option to automatically burn in all SSA subtitles for all mkv videos automatically when they converted into another format , so if for example i want to convert 10 mkv videos, batch encoder can automatically burn in the subs. Because some mkv files are coded with soft subs so when they converted the subs are missing.

  12. David says:

    Testing : Pst 1

  13. David says:

    Thank you , will keep an eye out.
    I am having this error during Encoding , any ideas:

  14. David says:

    Thank you done that,

    Will do my best to donate every month to support your work, your Batchencoder very useful utility for people who do not know how to write script.

  15. David says:

    Hi VidScripts

    I beleive i found a boug with the batchencoder
    I noticed that when i use batchencoder my video takes longer to encode than when i use handbrake , and i am using extactly the same preset settings for both and exactly the same video when i tested this.
    150mb avi video : Batch encoder 9 min 70FPS, Handbrake 4:45 min 120+ FPS
    Settings used:
    -f mp4 –strict-anamorphic -e x264 -b 150 -a 1 -E faac -6 stereo -R Auto -B 32 -D 0.0 –subtitle 1 –subtitle-burn=1 -x ref=6:bframes=6:subq=9:mixed-refs=0:weightb=0:trellis=2:b-adapt=2:me=esa:deblock=3,3:analyse=some:merange=18 –verbose=1

    Do you have clue the reasons beyond this

    • videoscripts says:

      None really – you see the if the settings are exactly the same the timing should be approx the same, though it can move up and down. All batchEncoder does is pass the exact query to HB for processing, so the timing should be approx the same.

      However, it will likely be down to the difference in priority levels – HB must be running at a higher level than you have set in the batch UI (set it to high of course for max speed)

      Of course other processes running on that PC will impact FPS as well – the only time this was raised here before was due to a background av scan kicking in.

  16. Ilpo Niva says:

    This is really nice collection of batches. And after looking for automated DVD/BD ripping on my HTPC I ended up here. I am using autorip & wathcfolder.

    There is only one thing I think is missing in these scripts, which is automatic folder definition. One reason to rip is to be able to load subtitles from net for movies. For this it is required to have folders structure for each movie, otherwise it will be mess.

    I have not been able to find this funtionality at autorip at all and at watchfolder you are able to only copy source folders structure.

    Naturally question is that have you planned to have that? Or have I missed something and it is already there 🙂

    • videoscripts says:

      I am not quite sure I understand. Are you looking for the ability to design output folder structures?

      Current workflow is tightly defined as we have it cover so man potential scenarios. If you feel this is a worthwhile addition to my stuff, then by all means detail out exactly the feature you need and I will see if we can get it in the next release.

    • videoscripts says:

      Can you explain further – not quite understanding your meaning if automatic folder definition.

  17. dkopec says:

    Hey there VideoScripts,

    I was just wondering if you’ve ever considered making some if not all of your scripts open source? I personally have been looking for a very specific solution to a few of my video encoding and metadata problems, initially just doing simple batch scripts, but now working with C#. I’m astonished with how little information there really is on this type of work, every solution being a closed source project. Your programs are the closest I’ve come to a solution to my problem, but they’re still not quite what I need.

    I would love to be able to see how you’ve achieved what you’ve gotten so far, but I also understand that you would like to keep your code confidential.


    Another Video Fanatic.

    • videoscripts says:

      Hi. I have every intention of open sourcing the code , but my plan was always to make it as best as it can be before doing so. I don’t yet have a timescale for that. But here’s the thing – I am always keen on adding features suggested by one that could be used by many. Why not post all of your needs list and I will see what I can do. If they are of genera benefit they will be added.

  18. Aaron Perrault says:

    Hey VideoScripts. First, thanks for creating these programs. They are amazing. I posted this requested on the Batch Encoder page, but I am not sure if i should post it here. Since the upgrade, the BatchEncoder no longer looks up and adds meta data, nor re-names them to the proper tv show name, or season/episode number. I have all of the settings checked, but for some reason it isnt working. Any thoughts?


  19. Dan says:


    I just started using your batch encoder and think it is fantastic. Have you ever considered creating a script that pulls metadata from Plex to tag the files. Plex just seems to do such a great job of finding the metadata. I found the below apple script that does this but everything I have runs on windows.

    Great work with the batch encoder. Looking forward to trying some of your other apps over the next few days.



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