How to use

Using HandBrake Batch Encoder

I recommend you download the full set up file here. This has everything you need and will create a desktop shortcut and you will not need to set up anything futher.

So, lets run the app:

If this is your first batch , you will need to set up a few options – mainly source and destination folder and your preset.

Lets go through the options:

1. Source – hit browse button and navigate to the folder all of your master files are in

2. Target – hit browse button and navigate to the folder you want your encoded files to be saved to

3. Choose file extension – for apple device, choose m4v and only use the others if you know what you are doing!

4. Check the delete source files box if you want all master files deleted after they have been encoded.

5.  Add metadata – select Yes for the program to go to the web and get cover art and show/movie names for your files from amazon. This will be viewable in iTunes

6. Set handbrake priority – set to High if you don;t plan on using the compuer for any other tasks. Low if you need to use the PC for other stuff while its encoding.

7. Convert all titles on disc – you will only use this if you are encoding from VideoTS or ISO DVD rips. checking it on will ensure you grab all episodes from the rip. Any other files, leave this OFF.

8. Recreate source folder structure – check this box if you want all of the source folder structure recreated in your output folder.

9. Add subtitles – if you have srt files in the directory beside the source files, you can check this box to embed them they need to be named the same as the source file. You will also need to set:

10. Subtitle language – slect which language your subtitle is in.

11. Choose preset – pick this carefully according to the device you want to encode for.

12. Rename TV shows – this will rename your tv shows to a standard format of Name.S01E01.m4v – it just tidys up any filenames

second tab – end of batch actions

1. Move files when done – check this and set a folder with browse to move all files to a certain folder once they finish encoding

2. Run a program – check this and point to an exe file to run any program once done

3. Shutdown PC – check this to shut down PC totally (power off) once all encodes are complete.

Now – to start encoding, just press the start encoding button and the UI will minimise and you will see the progress in a small UI at the bottom right of the screen. Thats all there is to it!

settings are saved between sessions so you will only need to set up the above once.

Custom settings: If you are an experienced handbrake user you may want to set up your own query. just copy the query from the HB query editor, paste it in the query box and click save as custom query, giving it a name.

Watchfolder is much the same – run it and you will get no UI – simple right click its icon in the system tray and click ‘settings’ to set it up. The first time it runs it will prompt you to do this.



The scripts are all very easy to use:


In each download link you will see a ‘Dependency’ this is just the actual encoding program which you will need installed before running the script. There are all linked to in the ‘stuff you need’ box at the left of each page.

For Handbrake and MakeMKV – Simply download the apps and install to the default location.

For AtomicParsley – download and drop the exe into the handbrake program folder

Next, grab the script which will be a small exe file within a zip, save it anywhere you wish. If the script has a config file, see the notes below.

A few ‘running notes’ are included with each script link to specify whether you should just run the exe standalone, schedule it or add it to start up for best effect.


Some of the scripts are user driven and will prompt you for query and input/output folders. Others will have a small file called config.txt which you MUST edit for your needs:

In Line 1 – type your source directory, spaces are fine.
In Line2 – type your target directory, spaces are fine
InLine 3 – type your query – copy and paste this from handbrake GUI without the -i -o switches


The same rules apply – dependancy list is shown, install the executable first. Download the bash script (.sh) and run it via command line, desktop, cron or called from another script file. Your call