Just a few links of stuff that comes in handy related to these scripts:



HandBrake – the king of H.264 encoding and what the bulk of this site is based around

MakeMKV – in my opinion the best way to rip DVD and BD direct to MKV . It rocks.

FFMPEG – the best swiss army knife encoding library

VideoTag – a simple windows GUI to tag mp4 files ready for itunes. A front end to the excellent Atomic parsley

Itunes folder watch – the simplest solution to automatically update your itunes library with new content

Autohotkey – wot my windows scripts are coded and compiled in.

AnyDVD – you know what it is!

DVD43 – a free DVD decryptor




My thread at handbrake




  1. kjlavery says:

    Hi I am having a look at your program. looks really good so far.what I would like to do is.
    1 watch a certain folder ( which it does)
    2 move file to destination folder ( Which it does)
    3 Mark converted file as a TV show
    4 input File name to Itunes Album name
    5 input file name to Itunes show name
    6 add to Itunes
    all automatically. I tried to run a batch file from the run program when done. didn’t work for me, tried to run a cmd file from same place but didn’t work for me.
    I have tried DVRmstoolbox to try and do the same. came close but ran into encoding issues. and stability. so if there is some sort of program I can run at the end to mark it as a show and input the file name to those Itunes fields and then add it to Itunes. I would be most greatful. and I would buy you a few coffee’s

    • videoscripts says:

      Hi. The program does everything you need except auto add to iTunes. in fact, when I wrote it originally I did s for my own use and this is exactly how I use it. For 3,4 and 5 you need to ensure two things – that metadata is turned on in he settings, and that your files are named like this : showname.S01E01.avi etc. That will do everything you need

      As for adding to iTunes – I have no plans to add it. You hav two options

      1. I use iTunes folder watch , it looks for he new files and adds them. Simple
      2. You could also use the automatically add to iTunes folder

      Let me know of you have any issues.

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