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MPEG4 Joiner released

Posted: March 11, 2011 in FFMPEG, HandBrake, Windows

I have just released a small utility – this one can join to mpeg4 files into one

Supports MP4 and M4V files. Files must be the same encoder settings , and it will seemlessly join them with no reencoding – its fast and simple, only a few minutes for a couple of hours total files.

Download, unzip, run the exe. point to the first file, the second file, choose a save file name and his go …thats it.

Download here


Handbrake BatchEncoder Updated

V 2.1.4 – Now available for download

  • Add tab for end of batch actions
  • End of batch actions include : run an exe, move all encoded files, shutdown PC
  • Added support for tp and rec files
  • Improved error logging
  • Added error dialog at batch end to flag errors
  • Added WTV support to drag and drop
  • Changed support for Video_TS rips – if recursive is checked it will create a moviename folder and place the converted file in it. If unchecked, it will place the converted file directly in the targetfolder.
  • Some small bug fixes


WatchFolder Updated

V 2.1.2 – Now available for download

  • Added small pop up box to show progress of each encode with time left
  • Added support for rec and tp files
  • Add tab for end of file encode actions
  • End of file encode actions include : run an exe, move all encoded files
  • General tray tip notification tidy up

Both HB BatchEncoder and iPad batchEncoder have the ability to be started via windows scheduler for unattended operation.

Simply call it from scheduler and pass the word autorun as an argument. The apps will run at the time you set up, no GUi will show and they will just start processing according to your last used settings.

Step by step:

use the programs before at least once – that way you will have set up all options and it will have its config file saved.

Now set up the schedule:


Control panel > scheduled tasks > add task

Next > browse to the exe you want to run > select how often you want it to run > now set the time you want it to run at > next and check ‘open advanced properties’.

make sure ‘start in’ is the same folder as where your exe is located.  In the run Box, type the word autorun one space after the exe.

Hit Ok and you are all set.


Settings > Control panel > administrative tools > Task scheduler

Click create a basic task .

type a name for your task > next  > choose how often you want it to run > next > select the time you want it to run at > next

Choose ‘start a program’ > next

Browse to the exe you want to run. In start in , type the SAME directory as your exe is in. Then in the arguments box type autorun   (no spaces, switches or dashes) . Click next to finish.


Thats it – Win 7 is much the same as Vista.

v 2.1.3 released today at same download links.

  • Add drag and drop interface – next to the source folder browse button there is a new drag and drop button. Press it and the drag and drop window appears. Drag any files, or folders of files onto this window and start encoding. You can remove files with a right click context menu option, play the file or check its properties. Cloce the window with the exit drag and drop button to go back to normal operation
  • Added ipod classic option.


Autorip + Watch folder update

Posted: February 16, 2011 in HandBrake, MakeMKV, Windows

Watchfolder 2.1.0

Fixed issue with Video_TS folders not being encoded.

Improved MKV encoding


Autorip 2.1.5

Fixed issue where HB was not encoding correctly.