BatchEncoder and watchFolder Updated

Posted: March 3, 2011 in HandBrake, Windows

Handbrake BatchEncoder Updated

V 2.1.4 – Now available for download

  • Add tab for end of batch actions
  • End of batch actions include : run an exe, move all encoded files, shutdown PC
  • Added support for tp and rec files
  • Improved error logging
  • Added error dialog at batch end to flag errors
  • Added WTV support to drag and drop
  • Changed support for Video_TS rips – if recursive is checked it will create a moviename folder and place the converted file in it. If unchecked, it will place the converted file directly in the targetfolder.
  • Some small bug fixes


WatchFolder Updated

V 2.1.2 – Now available for download

  • Added small pop up box to show progress of each encode with time left
  • Added support for rec and tp files
  • Add tab for end of file encode actions
  • End of file encode actions include : run an exe, move all encoded files
  • General tray tip notification tidy up
  1. TomD says:

    First day user of MetaData Batcher. (Started using MetaX a few days ago and found my way toyour site.) It would be great to have a log of the before and after. I like MetaX because I can “check off certain fields to keep”, while updating others. When I use the Metadata Batcher, I can’t tell what was updated. I find tagChimp sometimes has a better set of Metadata to fit my needs over Amazon. The before and after log could be a great source of backtracking to see what has changed and decidde if I would rather have the new or old. (not suggesting you create a reversion, can manage that with a backup, or copy before batch updates.)

    • videoscripts says:

      TomD – the latest release relies more on tvdb and themoviedb than amazon, so should be much better. I am currently working on a preview option per your suggestion. Also adding some dialogs to show a little better what fields are added. Eta 3 /4 days.

    • videoscripts says:

      @TomD – Batcher now has a preview function – generates a web page with changes it will make. This is first step to getting it all in the UI – thanks for the suggestion!

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